PMS & AIF's at IME

Discover what makes our understanding of PMS & AIF’s, unparalleled in the industry. 

Our founders (Ashi Anand) extensive experience in India’s alternatives industry, and his personal involvement in PMS & AIF fund selection provide us some unique advantages in PMS/AIF fund selection that no other firms can compete with

  • His fund management experience has been exclusively in alternative funds (PMS/AIF-type structures) from as early as 2003 (the early origins of the alternatives industry in India)
  • He has a deep understanding of more complex investment options, being responsible for launching India’s first institutional capital preservation and capital guaranteed funds (2003-04)
  • As a firm, we accordingly benefit from unique insider perspectives of how PMS & AIF funds truly operate, as compared to the common outsiders perspective (i.e. advisors & wealth managers)
  • We also have a much deeper understanding of the global-best practices of AMC & fund selection processes & methodologies

In addition to our unique insider insights, IME Capital is the only firm in India to have reviewed & rated 100+ PMS/AIF Firms and 200+ PMS/AIF strategies, with these reviews & ratings being made universally available to all our investors without any loss in transition, via our revolutionary RMS (Research Management Solution)

The most rigorous analysis of PMS/AIF's in India

Unlike most other PMS platforms in the market, our fund selection criteria goes well beyond simply analysing historical returns. We instead choose to focus on analysing the foundations of the AMC & specific strategies, to identify what PMS/AIFs are best placed to deliver superior long-term risk-adjusted returns. 

Our selection criteria are publicly available on our blog posts

IME’s 5-star rating system for AMC’s, is much more stringent than typical rating systems. The aim is to ensure that we only recommend the absolute best-in-class PMS providers to our investors. 

The IME PMS AMC ratings should be interpreted as follows: