Family Office & Ultra HNIs

We understand that Ultra-HNIs and Family offices (investors with 50cr+ portfolio) have distinct requirements and these require specialised solutions.


More often than not, we have noticed the following common challenges while evaluating the investment portfolios of larger family offices & ultra-HNIs. Here are some examples and also a glimpse into what we would do differently:

Common Investment Errors
The IME Approach

The complexities dealing with a large universe of investible options & the increasing complexities of sophisticated investment products focused on the Ultra-HNI segment

Over the past decade, the range of investment options have exploded, especially with the tremendous growth in the alternatives investments industry.

Many of these investment options have been made available only recently in the Indian markets (including long-short strategies, asset-yielding funds as replacements to debt, unlisted funds across different stages of the funding lifecycle etc.) and may not have a historic track record to give investors a good  comprehensive perspective on their true risk-reward and how these operate. 

The IME ApproachWhen it comes to more complex alternative investment options, we benefit from deep insider insights (as compared to a wealth manager looking in) into the functioning of the alternatives space.

A massive advantage here is that Ashi’s entire experience has been concentrated around alternative investment vehicles, from the very early stages of the industry’s development. This includes Fund Management (of PMS & Quasi Private-Equity strategies), Structured Product development (India’s first capital preservation & capital guaranteed pdts) & managing complex ultra-HNI mandates (including overseas trusts).

We accordingly understand some of the deeper nuances of how these funds operate, and their investment merits within your portfolios. 

A common degradation of combined investment portfolio that occurs when dealing with multiple advisors

Ultra-HNI’s often deal with more than one advisor, each of whom are looking at their individual allocations in isolation. With each advisor trying to optimize their individual allocations, this often leads to over diversification issues around too many funds and very poor portfolio construction at the combined level. 

The IME Approach  Ultimately, what truly matters for wealth creation is the portfolio construction of the total investment portfolio (across all investment advisors). Our Investment Mandate development process (driven by institutional fund management best-practices of portfolio construction & mandate development)  & our focus on Level 1-5 Investing (which helps evaluate your true exposures), helps ensure clarity around how you wish to have your overall portfolio to be constructed.

Allocations to specific advisors can then focus around their areas of specialisation, as compared to multiple advisors all running similar mandates. 

Complexities dealing with multi-advisors & multi-family member portfolios

When dealing with multiple advisors & for different family members, it is often very challenging reconciling the very large number of different portfolio reports for you to get a holistic view of the total portfolio and to drill down to specific advisors, family members, asset classes or investments. 

The IME ApproachOur highly intuitive & interactive client portal has been designed to address this very common issue when dealing with multi-advisor multi-family member portfolios. Our reporting allows for you to view your portfolio in any manner that you want, and allows for a level of interactiveness & an ability to drill down to any small part of the portfolio you wish to evaluate in a manner that is unparalleled in portfolio reporting.  

Needs that go beyond traditional wealth management

Family Offices & Ultra-HNIs often have needs that go well beyond traditional wealth management services. This includes needs such as sophisticated estate planning, complex international investing, multi-tiered trust structures, more sophisticated tax planning, investment banking or advice on non-financial security assets (such as complex real-estate, art etc). 

The IME ApproachWe have tie-ups in place with some of the best-in-class service providers to assist our investors with their more complex requirements. This includes tie-ups with international trust creation firms, investment banks, high-end art specialists, CA firms and more.  


Keeping in mind the sensitivity that comes with dealing with larger investors, we have a number of different ways in which we can collaborate together and add value to your investments:


With the full bouquet of investment options, we can provide you with all the benefits of your own dedicated family office, at a fraction of the cost of hiring a full-fledged investment team.


If you wish to continue with your existing advisors/managers, we can operate as your trusted insider, guiding you on the nuances & suitability of the multitude of investment options provided by your existing advisors.


We also have the ability to engage with you in specific parts of our services where you see the greatest level of value-addition. Our arrangement/partnership can be tailor made depending on what you need us to do. Our services can accordingly be tailor-made to your specific needs. 


We offer Ultra-HNI’s a free no-commitment status-quo disruptive consultancy. This includes the following 3 stages

1) Disrupting the Status-Quo (Viewing your Investments from a Fund Managers Lens)

The biggest challenge we have seen in larger investor portfolios, is how much portfolio construction at the total portfolio level suffers when dealing with multiple advisors. We start with a blank slate and focus on how you would like to have your portfolio constructed, if you were to start your investments from scratch today. A large emphasis is on the importance of focusing on Level 1-5 Investing when constructing your portfolio.

2) Investment Mandate Development

A detailed understanding of your specific investment requirements, which comprises your risk profiles, investment horizons, specific preferences, portfolio construction principles and more. This helps identify the specific investment categories & fund types that are the best-fit for your requirements

3) Existing Portfolio Analysis & Recommendations

A detailed analysis of your existing portfolio in terms of it’s adherence to foundational investment principles & your unique requirements spelt out in your mandate. 

We are 100% sure about the value we can deliver

This allows us to invest considerable time & effort on a no-fee, no-commitment basis. Once the status-quo disruptive consultancy is completed, we can then evaluate the engagement model that would help us best serve your needs.