Client Centric Approach

We operate on the principle that every investor is unique. Much like thumbprints, it is impossible that any two people are identical. They have differences in goals, wealth levels, risk-profiles, investment experience and many other factors. Thus, there can be no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to investment advice.

Our focus is on long term relationship building and to that end, we spend a substantial amount of time upfront getting to know you and understanding your specific requirements. Only after this comprehensive process of defining your investment mandate, do we get into portfolio construction & fund selection.

Investment Mandate

Your investment mandate is a written document, that clearly spells out your unique requirements and provides a strategic roadmap that defines how you would like your investment to be managed. 

The development of your investment mandate is a highly consultative process, where the IME Relationship Manager has a detailed discussion with you to understand your investment preferences and beliefs, financial goals, risk-profile, your past experiences and any other needs.

Each of these are essential & interplay with each other to help filter the investments for you:

  • Your financial goals determine your investment horizon, which help determine the right asset classes. 
  • Your risk-profile defines the right categories within these asset classes. 
  • Your specific preferences, beliefs & past-experiences helps identify the particular funds within the chosen asset classes & fund categories 
  • There is finally an important overlay of a market environment, which determines if a fund category is relevant in the particular market context.



The Complexity Of Too Many Investment Options

Investors today are overwhelmed with too many investment options – there are 1000’s of MF schemes, over 250 PMS schemes, 150 diverse AMCs to choose from, around 50 categories of fund types, myriad different fund structures, multiple different options within funds & more.

This makes investing confusing & overwhelming, and often leads to what is “transactional investing” (where investors hop around between different fund categories, based on what is trending at that particular point in time). 



IME’s Investment Mandate Development

Our investment mandate development process narrows down these options according to the prism of your requirements (as explained below), and provides clarity of the appropriate fund categories for you.


Existing investor portals tend to focus on portfolio reporting. In our view, this data is only valuable when it is accompanied by understanding and insights. This is the reason we developed our client portal from scratch.

On your portfolio report, we have added enhanced levels of interactivity and detail that allow deeper drilling down to specific parts of your portfolio.

Additionally, the IME client portal gives you 

  1. Your financial goals – how they are being planned, how far / close you are to achieving your goals
  2. Meeting notes – a brief written account of our key conversations
  3. Investment Mandate – the strategic road-map of your investment plan and the investment categories that best meet your requirements

By ensuring documentation of core qualitative factors that drive your wealth management decisions, the IME client portal provides a more holistic view on your investments, keeping you and your relationship managers on the same page and protecting against the risk of RM churn.