Financial Calculators

Calculator Calculator Description
54EC Bonds vs Equity Calculator

Calculate the difference in post-tax returns between 54EC bonds & Equity

AIF Taxation

Use this calculator to estimate the post-tax returns of AIF from gross returns

Annual Expense Calculator

This calculator helps us calculate the current costs & the current costs post retirement and accordingly compare the annualized monthly expenses & lumpy expenses

Debt MF vs Bank FD

Even under the new tax structure, Debt Mutual Funds are more tax efficient than Bank Fixed Deposits due to a difference in the manner in which they are taxed.

Debt Mutual Fund Category Sensitivity

This calculator helps us in understanding the net returns based on the impact of YTM and Duration

Feeder Fund Mechanism

Using this calculator one can understand how feeder funds give both, country and currency diversification

Insurance Payment Term Comparison

Compare the various options of insurance premium payment using this calculator

Lumpsum & SIP Future Value Calculator

Compare the future values of lumpsum investments and SIP investments

Old Tax Regime vs New Tax Regime

Compare the old & new tax regimes and pick the one best suited for you by comparing the amount of tax that you will need to pay

Profit Share Fee Structure

Using this calculator one could compare the different fee structure options available

Retirement Corpus

Estimate how long your retirement corpus will last

Retirement Corpus Required

This calculator allows one to calculate the sufficiency of retirement corpus

Return Ranges across Fund Categories

Understand the range of returns across different fund categories (debt, hybrid & equity) across a range of market returns.

Structured Products

A calculator that shows the different payout structures for specific structured products (equity linked Market Linked Debentures)

Time Value of Money Calculations

A calculator to find the future value and current value of investments.

Understanding Impact of Compounding

Using this calculator, one could understand the effect of compounded returns on an investment