IME PMS Scheme Rating & Selection Criteria

At IME Capital, we have undertaken the most rigorous analysis of PMS Schemes, undertaken by any wealth management firm in the industry. 

Our PMS scheme selection methodology is driven by the fund-selection best-practices followed by top international institutional investor’s and wealth managers. This is based on the extensive experience our founder, Ashi Anand, has in dealing with these entities in his 18+ years of fund management experience managing alternative strategies including PMS & Quasi-PE Funds. 

Our analysis has been driven by someone with extensive insider knowledge, of the factors that go into managing a top-quality PMS scheme. 

As part of our analysis, we have analysed 173 PMS schemes, across a wide range of parameters that are critical aspects of any high-quality PMS Scheme.

PMS Scheme Rating Criteria

As part of our Scheme-rating methodology, we have analysed these 173 PMS schemes, on the following criteria:

Driven by the principle of being absolutely transparent with our investor's, our ratings across each of these factors along with an explanation is made
Publicly Available on our website.

Extremely Selective in our Ratings

At IME Capital, we are extremely selective in the PMS Schemes that we recommend for investments. The vast majority of PMS schemes’s do not meet our rigorous selection criteria, which is why we have so few top-rated PMS schemes’s in our list. 

The rigour & exclusivity of our selection & rating criteria can be seen from the following data

PMS schemes reviewed
PMS schemes rated 5-Star
PMS's rated 4-Star
PMS's rated 3-Star
PMS's rated 2-star and below

30 out of 173 PMS Schemes
analysed meet our rigorous selection criteria.