Unifi BCAD

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Highly Recommended Mid & Small-cap Strategy: Unifi BCAD is a good thematic/multi-cap strategy backed by a credible team with more than a decade of experience in running/identifying successful themes, and AMC pedigree.

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Business Consolidation After Disruption (BCAD) Thematic Strategy: Unifi’s BCAD strategy, aims to invest in businesses that are benefiting from industry consolidation after a period of disruption. The original BCAD thematic strategy was launched in 2018 to benefit from consolidation post GST & demonetisation, and has delivered attractive returns to investors. The BCAD strategy has recently been relaunched, on the back of attractive investment opportunities emerging from regulatory changes, demographic changes, urbanisation, consumer behaviour & technology. The strategy aims to benefit from underlying consumerism growth and the immiment value migration from unorganised to organised players. The strategy has a focused investment approach towards companies & sectors that are benefiting from underlying consumerism and consolidation brought about by a variety of different disruptions. This is a mid & small-cap strategy, which fits well within Unifi’s known area of expertise.

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IME View on Unifi BCAD

Type: Mid & Smallcap | Thematic | AUM (586.7 cr) | Inc Date (27 Apr 2018)

Investment Philosophy

Unifi Capital’s Business Consolidations After Disruptions (BCAD) invests in leaders in business segments that have numerous fragmented players. These businesses are well placed to leverage the disruptions to gain market share and create value for their investors. The BC-AD fund has been structured to benefit from the imminent migration of market share from unorganized segments to organized players on the back of disruptions caused by demographics, regulatory changes, consumer behaviour, urbanization, and technology. 

Trailing Performance

1yr 3yr 5yr Since Inception
Unifi BCAD 28.7 19.2 21.1 16.9
S&P BSE 500 TRI 34.7 18 18 15.5
Alpha over Broad Mkt BM -6 1.2 3.1 1.4
Nifty Midcap 150 53 25.7 24.6
Alpha over Category BM -24.3 -6.5 -3.5

Performance as of: 31-May-24 | Inception Date: 27-Apr-18

Fund Managers

Baidik Sarkar | 4-star rated FM

Fund Manager | 17 yrs Experience | 16 yrs at current firm

Past Experience: Unifi (Corporate Finance), PWC (Strategy Consultant)

Baidik has been with Unifi for over a decade, with core responsibilities of research in the IT, real-estate and the agricultural sectors and assisting the CIO in managing the spin-off and APJ funds.

Sarath K Reddy | 5-star rated FM

CIO | 34 yrs Experience | 23 yrs at current firm

Past Experience: Navia Markets (MD), Stan C (Manager)

Having started his career with Standard Chartered Bank, Sarath founded Unifi Capital in 2001 and has since built the company into one of the leading PMS providers in India. As CIO, he works closely with his investment team to deliver outperformance on Unifi PMS strategies.

Fee Structure

Fee StructureFee
Fixed Fee Structure2
Variable Fee Structures1.5% fixed + 20% above 10% hurdle
Exit Fees


AMC: Unifi PMS (click link for detailed AMC review)

Highly recommended for aggressive investors seeking thematic strategies: A clearly differentiated thematic investment approach, helps Unifi occupy its own specific position in the market. Consistent delivery across multiple thematic strategies, with a stable home-grown investment team, has helped them scale into one of the largest PMS players in the market.

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AMC Size

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Team Pedigree

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Inv Philosophy

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5 of 5 stars

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