3 Core Element's that help Make Investments Easy

Stronger Foundations

 All our investment plans are built on 3 foundational pillars:

Knowledge Sharing

Using modern digital technologies, knowledge sharing takes place directly from our central investor desk (and not via RM’s).

This helps ensure that you gain a deeper understanding of investment principles & options, to make better and more informed investment decisions. 

Financial Plan

We use a traditional consultative approach to help you identify your core investment goals, investment horizon and risk-appetite. No templatised online calculators! 

Your financial plan serves as the foundation for all investment recommendations, with investments based on your specific needs.

Simplified Monitoring

Compared to traditional harder-to-read portfolio reports, we provide simplified financial-plan reports that make it easier for you to track your investments in relation to your goals.

Periodic financial plan & portfolio reviews, help identify any changes that may be required to keep your plan on track.  

Central Investor Desk

The vast majority of information sharing & advice is driven by our Central Investor Desk (a central team of Research Analysts headed by our Founder, Ashi Anand who has over 18 years of fund management experience). This specialised central research team is responsible for

Detailed Research

We conduct our own independent research into equity shares, fixed income, MF/PMS/AIF funds and insurance products. A centralised cross-product research team, allows for sharing insights across products leading to deeper insights. 

Product Selection

A rigrourous fund selection process (driven by global institutional investor best-practices), helps ensure that client’s are only recommended high-quality investment products. 

Knowledge Sharing

Our Investor Desk creates and publicly releases easy-to-follow knowledge resources, to help you develop a deeper understanding of how investments work. 

Investment Queries

Specific investment queries (beyond the RM’s purview) are answered by our central investor desk. Answers to common queries are documented for easy retreival.

Best-in-class Execution Platforms

Investment Discussion

We help identify the right investments, based on your financial plan. 

Details Entered

We enter all relevant details at our end. No more filling forms, taking print-outs, signatures or choosing between multiple options.

Approve & Pay

You get an authorisation link, which you use to approve the investment’s and pay online. 

It’s easier than using Amazon!

*Our partnerships include Fundzbazar for Mutual Funds, Motilal Oswal for Equity Shares, PMS-AIF World for PMS/AIF products and PolicyWorld for Insurance.