White Oak India Equity AIF

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IME View on White Oak India Equity AIF

Type: Flexi Cap | GARP | AUM ( cr) | Inc Date (13 Feb 2018)

Investment Philosophy

  • Great Business: well managed, scalable long-term opportunity, strong returns on incremental capital, strong execution & governance track record
  • Attractive Valuations: aim to identify businesses where the estimated intrinsic value is significantly different from market prices
  • Focus on stocks: as compared to focusing on the macro
  • Avoid businesses with red flags: poor corporate governance, weak incremental ROCEs, potential obsolescence risk

White Oak’s Investment Culture is driven by

  • Team of local experts with global experience: strong culture of performance aligned with client portfolio
  • Time Tested Processes: driven by disciplined fundamental research & a proprietary OpcoFinco analytical framework that has been honed over 2 decades
  • Bottom up Stock Selection based philosophy: Buy great businesses at Attractive values | Invest in businesses, don’t bet on macro
  • Balanced Portfolio Construction: Aim to drive performance through stock-selection & not top-down bets on macro factors


  • Avoid misgovernance: White Oak aims to avoid misgoverned companies by recognizing various forms of misgovernance such as companies cheating existing promoters, cheating investors, unethical or illegal business administration processes, misaligned interests or objectives and poor accounting
  • Universe Screening: Beginning with a large investible universe (~750 companies with a  >$150 mn mkt cap), WhiteOak narrows down the universe to what it defines as great businesses (~150), from which it invests in between 30-50 companies which it believes to be attractively valued 
  • Time tested analytical framework: driven by idea generation, analysis, decision & sizing and an ongoing evaluation


  • Balanced Portfolio Approach: White Oak follows a balanced Portfolio that aims to avoid market timing or sector rotation and aims for alpha generation through stock selection.
  • Typical exposure limits: Single Stock: 10% at market value | Single promoter group: 25% | Single industry 30%
  • Proposed Market Cap weights: 40-60% Large Cap and 60-40% Mid and Smallcap

Trailing Performance

1yr 3yr 5yr Since Inception
White Oak India Equity AIF
Alpha over Broad Mkt BM
Nifty 500
Alpha over Category BM

Performance as of: 30-Dec-99 | Inception Date: 13-Feb-18

Fund Managers

Prashant Khemka | 5-star rated FM

Founder & CIO | 26 yrs Experience | 7 yrs at current firm

Past Experience: Goldman AMC (CIO – Global EM Fund), State Street Global (FM)

Prashant founded WhiteOak in 2017 with an impeccable investment track record. Prashant was the CIO & Lead Fund Manager for the Goldman Sachs India Equity & Global Emerging Market Funds. These funds have won multiple global awards and accolades for consistent investment performance. Over Prashant’s tenure GS India Equity scaled to a $2.5 bn fund from scratch (delivering 266% gross returns vs 66% for the benchmark), while GS GEM scaled from $675 mn to $2.6 bn (with a 36% gross US $ return vs 13.1% for the benchmark).

Fee Structure

Fee StructureFee
Fixed Fee Structure2
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AMC: White Oak PMS (click link for detailed AMC review)

Highly recommended for more conservative investors seeking lower risk strategies: With the impeccable investment credentials of the founder & CIO, backed by a sound investment philosophy and a strong research team, White Oak is a solid choice for a PMS to deploy long-term capital.

AMC Rating

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