PGIM Core Equity

Scheme Rating

IME Scheme Rating

The Scheme does not meet our selection criteria at this time

Not a recommended fund: This is not a recommended fund, primarily because the AMC does not meet our selection criteria. We believe that there are better fund houses to invest in, within the Indian mutual fund universe.

IME Strategy Rating

Multicap Strategy: The portfolio attempts to enhance the chances of investment success and is built with the twin objectives of giving the client a set of strong companies, purchased at prices that are not exorbitantly high, thereby minimizing permanent capital loss to the investor.

PMS Scheme Ratings are driven by IME’s Proprietary Scheme Rating Methodology, which takes into account our ratings of the Scheme’s investment strategy, its maturity, the investment team, and our separate rating on the AMC that runs this particular scheme. Our views on each of these individual criteria are available via the IME RMS – which you can view by reaching out to one of our relationship managers (using either the live chat or book appointment feature on this site).

IME View on PGIM Core Equity

Type: Large & Midcap | GARP | AUM (181.1 cr) | Inc Date (08 July 2013)

PGIM India Core Equity Portfolio- Investment Strategy

PGIM India Core Equity is a multi-cap strategy. Market-cap and sector agnostic. Philosophy is to invest in good businesses in a temporary bad phase.

Investment Process

  1. Out of 6000 listed companies filter them based on track record to arrive at an investment universe of 160-180 companies. 
  2. From the 160-180 companies in the chosen universe, research is undertaken to determine growth prospects and management quality. 
  3. The portfolio is constructed with 20-15 companies by filtering price and industry exposure. 

The portfolio is reviewed periodically to establish best choices. 


  • when assumption for stock purchased is no longer valid
  • stock price goes beyond what they thought were worst
  • When a superior opportunity is found for the same level of risk taken
  • when there is a redemption request


  • Follows a concentrated portfolio–20-25 stocks (lower end)
  • Stock Exposure limit- 10%
  • Sector Exposure limit–30%

Trailing Performance

1yr 3yr 5yr Since Inception
PGIM Core Equity 21.4 18.6 16.8 16.4
S&P BSE 500 TRI 38.3 20 20 15.1
Alpha over Broad Mkt BM -16.9 -1.4 -3.2 1.3
Nifty 500 37.3 18.7 18.5
Alpha over Category BM -15.9 -0.1 -1.7

Performance as of: 30-Jun-24 | Inception Date: 08-Jul-13

Fund Managers

Himanshu Upadhyay | 2-star rated FM

Portfolio Manager | 17 yrs Experience | 9 yrs at current firm

Past Experience: Senior Analyst (M3 Investment Pvt Ltd), Analyst (Max New York Life Insurance Co)

Himanshu Upadhyay comes with 11 years of experience in equity markets. He was previously with M3 Investment Managers and Max New York Life Insurance.

Fee Structure

Fee StructureFee
Fixed Fee Structure2.5
Variable Fee Structures1.5% fixed + 20% above 10%
Exit Fees1yr (3%), 2yr (2%), 3yr (1%)


AMC: PGIM India PMS (click link for detailed AMC review)

Not a recommended AMC: PGIM India PMS is essentially the erstwhile DHFL Pramerica's PMS business that has been taken over by PGIM post the DHFL collapse. The business is still in the rebuild mode and with limited differentiation. We do not recommend PGIM PMS at this stage.

PGIM India PMS does not meet our criteria for PMS AMC Selection at this time. Understand our AMC rating criteria at AMC Rating Criteria or contact us via the LiveChat to learn more.