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Concentrated Flexi-cap Strategy: Sameeksha’s Equity AIF is essentially an identical replication of their PMS portfolio in an AIF structure. Sameeksha’s Equity Fund is a concentrated (15-30 stock), Flexi-cap strategy (ability to move across market capitalizations) that follows a GARP (Growth at the Right Price) approach to investing. The strategy allows for more aggressive cash calls based on market views, and hedging of the portfolio in case of expected market declines.

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Highly recommended for aggressive investors : Sameeksha Capital’s credibility is built on the strong fundamental research credentials of its founder Bhavin Shah. Bhavin has worked as a top-rated senior analyst at JP Morgan & Credit Suisse, post which he headed Equirius Research prior to setting up Sameeksha Capital. The combination of a highly-pedigreed fundamental research driven-manager, robust research processes combined with proprietary research tools, and strong performance make Sameeskha a good boutique option amongst PMS firms.

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Type: Flexi Cap | GARP | AUM ( cr) | Inc Date (2.4)

Emkay Capital Builder-Investment Strategy

Emkay PMS’s Capital Builder Strategy is a focused multi-cap strategy (20-25 stocks) that uses it’s proprietary E-Qual risk framework to ensure that no investments in low-quality companies slip into the portfolio. The investment framework involves a long-term investment approach in compounding stories backed by strong fundamental research.

Investment Process

To mitigate biasness, Emkay define a universe for selection of stocks and having a equal weight-age portfolio. In order for selecting stocks Emkay follow a rigorous framework from a universe of more than 5000 listed companies. In order to filter these companies the framework followed is:

Defined Market Cap Filter: Filtering top 250 companies as per market cap with focus on large and mid-cap having net sales more than Rs 500 cr. 

Earnings Growth Filter: Focusing on businesses that have a strong historic and future growth stocks defined by businesses having ROCE>COE and their earnings growth> GDP growth. Filtering 130-140 companies.

Strong Leadership Framework Filter: Focusing on companies with strong leadership in terms of market share, profit share, cost, growth, product. These businesses also having strong management credentials in terms of vision, track record, growth. 

Valuation: Selecting stocks finally by focusing on companies by looking at price-value gap through DCF with focus on marging of safety. Also having a comparative valuations, Mcap vs opportunity size, PEG ratio.

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