Avendus Enhanced Return Fund AIF

Scheme Rating

IME Scheme Rating

3 of 5 stars

Can consider investing: For investors seeking to participate in equity market upsides, but desire some level of active fund manager actions to reduce downsides during market corrections

IME Strategy Rating

4 of 5 stars

Long-Biased Long-short strategy: With a 70% exposure to long ideas, and a 30% exposure to the long-short strategy. Effectively, the strategy allows for a shift between 60% to 95% net long exposures, based on market conditions. This is broadly in-line with the risk-reward of an Aggressive Hybrid fund, with risk-adjusted returns being potentially superior if the fund managers get their market calls right.

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IME View on Avendus Enhanced Return Fund AIF

Type: Long-bias LS | Long-bias LS | AUM ( cr) | Inc Date ()

Investment Strategy

Objective: generate superior returns to Nifty 50, while limiting downside

Investment Strategy

  • Long-Only (70-85% of portfolio): 15-25 high conviction stocks based on a proprietary screening model
  • Long-Short (15-30% of portfolio): tactical positions to enhance returns in strong markets and reduce downside in weak markets | exposures can range from -40% net short in bearish markets, 80% net long in bullish markets and 30% net long in range bound markets

Investment Process (Long Only stock selection)

  •  Screener driver: Screener run on BSE 200 to shortlist universe to 80 stocks > In-depth analysis of research team to identify 15-25 portfolio companies
  • Outside screener: 3-4 stocks (from BSE-500) can be included as turnaround or emerging themes 

Investment Process (Long Short Portfolio)

  • Invest in derivatives (stocks, Nifty, Bank Nifty)
  • Focus on absolute returns across market conditions (low correlation to underlying markets)

Trailing Performance

1yr 3yr 5yr Since Inception
Avendus Enhanced Return Fund AIF

Performance as of: 30-Dec-99 | Inception Date: 30-Dec-99

Fund Managers

Andrew Holland | 5-star rated FM

CEO | 28 yrs Experience | 8 yrs at current firm

Past Experience: Ambit Investment Advisors (CEO & Hedge FM), DSP ML (Head of Resarch, Head of Proprietary Trading), Credit Suisse (Head of Research)

Andrew Holland is the most recognised long-short fund manager in India, with an impeccable track record with top-tier funds. Prior to joining Avendus in 2006, he built Ambit’s hedge fund into one of India’s most successful hedge funds, prior to which he managed a $1 bn+ proprietary book at DSL ML.

Nandik Mallik | 2-star rated FM

Sr Portfolio Manager | 17 yrs Experience | 8 yrs at current firm

Past Experience: Fund Manager (Edelweiss Capital), Commodities Investor Sales (Credit Suisse)

Nandik Mallik has 10 years of experience in Indian equity markets. Prior to ICICI Long Short, Nandik was a Fund Manager at Edelweiss Capital. Nandik has graduated from London Business School with MSc Finance and had also completed his MBA from IIM Calcutta in 2005.


AMC: Avendus AIF (click link for detailed AMC review)

Highly recommended for investors seeking Debt+ Returns : For investors seeking absolute return long-short strategies, Avendus Capital AIF is amongst the best investment options, given the very high pedigree of their core founding & investment management team.

AMC Rating

5 of 5 stars

AMC Pedigree

5 of 5 stars

AMC Size

5 of 5 stars

Team Pedigree

5 of 5 stars

Inv Philosophy

5 of 5 stars


4 of 5 stars

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