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AMC does not meet our selection criteria at this time

Not a Recommended AMC: Compound Everyday PMS is still very early in its journey and has yet to scale beyond its original focus of managing money for a private group of friends & family. The 1-star rating of the AMC is primarily driven by the AMC still being sub-scale. Since the firm is still sub-scale, we have not done additional evaluations with regards the AMC Pedigree, Investment Philosophy, Team & Performance.

The PMS/AIF AMC Rating is derived on the basis of our analysis on 5 key qualitative parameters that we use to analyse the quality of a PMS/AIF Provider. These include an assessment of the size of the AMC, the pedigree of the AMC, the pedigree of the team, the value of the investment philosophy & the level of differentiation. These insights of our central research team are documented in the IME RMS, and can be accessed during a consultation call with an IME PMS specialist.

PMS Background

Discretionary AUM (30cr) | Promoter Category ()

PMS Background

Compound Everyday was founded in 2012 as a value oriented multifamily investment office catering to a private group of family and friends, and got their PMS license in 2019.

PMS Investment Philosophy

Compound Everyday follows a value-oriented investment philosophy.

Inv Team

Investment Team

Sumit Sarda | 2-star rated FM

Founder & Portfolio Manager | 15 yrs Experience | 5 yrs at current firm

Past Experience: EA to Chairman (ENAM), Investment Banking (JP Morgan)

Sumit Sarda has 10+ years of investments experience, the most noteable of which was working as an Executive Assistant to Vallabh Bhansali (one of the most prominent figures in the Indian investments business).

PMS/AIF Schemes

PMS & Listed Equity AIF Schemes

Returns as of 31-May-24.

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