What International ETF’s are listed in the Indian Markets?

The following are the main international ETF’s that are listed in the Indian markets

  • Motilal Nasdaq 100: Tracking the Nasdaq 100 TRI
  • Motilal Nasdaq Q-50: Tracking the Nasdaq Q-50 TRI (securities that are expected to be the likely next inclusions in the Nasdaq 100)
  • Mirae FANG+: Tracking the NYSE FANG+ Total Index (NYSE FANG+ Index constitutes of 10 stocks – Alibaba, Facebook, Alphabet, Apple, Baidu, Nvidia, Amazon, Netflix, Microsoft, Tesla)
  • Mirae Hang Seng Tech: Tracking the Hang Seng Tech Total Return index (broadly comprising the 30 largest tech companies in China)
  • Mira S&P 500 Top 50 ETF: Tracking the S&P 500 Top 50 TRI Index (the 50 largest S&P 500 companies)
  • Nippon Hang Seng Bees: Tracking the Hang Seng TRI Index