International Mutual Funds

International Mutual Funds, are typically feeder funds that invest in global Mutual Funds. These provide investors a very convenient way of gaining exposure to International Investment themes, without any of the complexities of having to deal with foreign currency, foreign account opening processes, remittance limits and global taxation. For most investors, this is the most suitable method of gaining exposure to international investments.

There are a large number of options available, that allow investors to gain access to different global markets. This includes:

  • US Based Funds: including exposure to US Bluechips, US Diversified Funds and Technology Focused Funds
  • Asia Funds: providing exposure to Asia, ASEAN or Japanese equities
  • EM Funds: providing exposure to Emerging markets in general, or specific EM’s like Brazil or China
  • European Funds: providing exposure to European equities
  • Global Funds: providing exposure to Global markets
  • Thematic Funds: providing exposure to specific global themes

International MFs – Trailing Returns

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International MF Categories – Brief Description

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