By helping transform the way you view investments

A shift in perspective

View investments from a Fund Managers lens (as compared to the traditional Wealth Managers Lens)

Direct Access to Insights

Direct transfer of insights from the FM-led central research team (no loss of insights due to RM-Investor only communication)

IME Investment Mandate

A comprehensive understanding of your needs (including your risk-profile, goals, investment beliefs, preferences & more)

Interactive Reports

A holistic view of all your investments (across family members, managers & asset classes) with mandate & goal tracking

Unparralled Knowledge Sharing

Via the IME-RMS & IME Academy to help develop your investment foundations and better appreciate more complex products

Partnership Approach

We remain laser focused on quality investment-advice, while giving you access to best-in-class execution platforms.

The IME Investor Desk Model

The Benefits for you

Experience the Difference

Discover what it means to see investments from a Fund Managers Lens. Understand the many misconceptions and other flaws of letting Relationship Managers manage your money (including the lack of insights, confusing investment vehicles for investments, misunderstood investment concepts, issues in fund selection & more.)

Share with us just 60 min of your time, and transform the way you view investments forever. 

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