IME Capital Wealth Management Solutions

At IME Capital, we specialise in creating highly customised investment portfolios, that are tailor-made to your unique requirements.

IME Capital's wealth management solutions, are driven by our founder's (Ashi Anand) vision, of bringing the best practices of institutional fund management, to the management of individual investor portfolios.

What makes us unique?

Research-first investment approach

Unlike traditional wealth management firms that are sales-oriented organisations, our core DNA is that of fund-management. Our founder has 16+ years of FM experience, and the central research team in charge of fund selection, is actively involved in stock/sector research.

This helps us gain both a deeper understanding of underlying trends that drive fund performance, as well as having a better ‘insider’ perspective while evaluating investment funds. 

Deep customisation to your unique requirements

Our focus on developing a detailed Investment Mandate prior to investing, allows for a much deeper level of customisation for individual investor portfolios. Our investment mandates go well beyond the typical risk-profiling & goals of wealth managers, to understand your specific beliefs/preferences and other nuances that can have a big impact on your investment behaviour & discipline.

Additionally, our interactive & intuitive reporting dashboard allows for a more holistic view on your wealth & investment plan than the normal portfolio reports of the investments industry. 

Unmatched levels of transparency

A major issue in the wealth management industry, is the poor manner in which insights flow down from Fund Managers, to WM product teams, to Relationship Managers & finally to Clients. Investment decisions are typically taken between RM’s & clients, who are are at the bottom of the insights value-chain, leading to a number of poor decisions being made. 

At IME Capital, all insights of our central research team, are documented on the IME RMS (Research Management Solution). Clients accordingly gain direct access to our central research teams insights, helping virtually eliminate the conflicts/biases/confusions common in the investments industry. 

Completely Open-Architecture

We believe that every investors requirements are unique, and it is our job to identify the most suitable investments & investment structures for each investor. Our partnership approach to execution, gives us access to virtually the entire suite of investment products (MF, PMS, AIF, Direct Equities, Insurance, bonds & more), via robust industry-leading execution platforms. 

We remain flexible in terms of our engagements with our investors. We can operate as a distributor (no-fee commission model), a PMS provider (specialised equity portfolios, direct mutual funds), an advisor or even an advisor-of-advisors. 

Proprietary Research Tools

As part of our larger vision of bringing best-practices of institutional fund management to individual investors, we have developed our own proprietary research tools (the IME RMS, specialised screeners) that substantially improve the quality of discussions with investors.

The quality of an investment decision is directly linked to the quality of inputs, and these tools help ensure that you have the required information & insights prior to investing your hard-earned money. 

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