At IME Capital, we help make
Investments Easy

Investments Made Easy: The 3 Key Elements

Stronger Foundations

A deep focus on knowledge sharing, to help you gain a deeper understanding of your investment options and what to expect.

IME Investor Desk

A revolutionary approach to client servicing, that helps ensure client's gain direct access to Investment Specialists, and not Relationship Managers.

Partnership Approach

A unique partnership approach, that helps ensure we remain laser focused on investment advice, while giving you access to the best-in-class execution platforms.

1) Stronger Foundations

Using modern communication technologies, we help build up your investment knowledge, to ensure that you gain a deeper understanding of how investments work, what to expect and your investment options. 

Using a traditional consultative approach, we first gain a deeper understanding of your risk-appetite and core financial goals, to ensure that we only recommend investments that are suitable for your unique requirements

2) IME Investor Desk

We aim to collapse the gap in investment insights that currently exists between fund managers, relationship managers and customers. 

We do so via a revolutionary model of the IME Investor Desk (a central team of pure investment professionals).

The use of modern communication technologies and an unprecedented level of transparency, helps us provide you direct access to investment insights of the core investment team (as compared to the loss of insights that takes place via Relationship Managers). 

3) Partnership Approach to Execution

At IME, we are laser-focused on providing you the best investment insights and helping identify the most suitable investments for your unique requirements. 

To ensure an exceptional investment experience, we have identified & partnered with the leading execution platforms in the industry. 

This helps us provide you with robust modern online execution & reporting platforms, helping make your investment process as easy & seamless as possible.