Debt Mutual Funds

About Debt Mutual Funds (Debt MFs)

Debt Mutual Funds are funds that invest in fixed income securities such as bonds, government securities, treasury bills and other money market securities. Since Debt MF’s invest in fixed income securities (and not equity), they are a much safer form of investment that is suitable for conservative investor’s and for more shorter-term financial goals.

Debt MF’s are a highly recommended replacement for bank fixed deposits, due to a much greater-level of tax-efficiency & flexibility.

Before investing in Debt MFs, it is highly recommended that you spend a few minutes going through a few quick blog posts that take you through some essential foundations of how equity investing works:

The returns provided below are the average returns of the funds recommended by IME in each of the IME MF Categories. Clicking on the category link will provide you further details on the category, as well as the actual performance of the underlying recommended funds (whose average returns are depicted here)

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Debt MF Categories – Brief Description

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