Why do we not recommend a particular fund or MF category?

Our partnership with Fundzbazar allows you to invest in virtually any fund or fund category of your choice. However, our recommend set of funds comprises a much smaller list of our most recommended funds, based on our proprietary and extensive fund selection methodology. 

This often leads to a question on why a particular fund or fund category has not made our list. 

Why do we not recommend a particular fund?

Our fund selection criteria, is based on a highly rigorous examination of the criteria that help lay the foundation for the deliverance of longer-term out performance on a risk-adjusted basis. 

Please note that this does not mean that mutual funds that are not on our list, are not worthwhile investment options. It may however be indicative that such a fund has ranked lower on our criteria, relative to funds on our list. 

Why do you not recommend funds of a particular category?

The number of mutual fund categories defined by AMFI, is much larger than the categories recommended by investments-made-easy. The following are some of the primary reasons behind why certain categories do not fall into our recommended list:

  • We exclude categories with meaningless differentiation with other similar categories: There are a number of categories in the AMFI list, that are virtually the same as other categories. For example – liquid, low duration, money market, ultra-ST funds all offer very similar risk-return and other characteristics to investors. Certain categories are not included, due to a meaningless differentiation with other categories that we have included. 
  • We exclude categories not recommended for the average retail investor: There are a number of categories that have risks that are only well understood by more astute investors This includes categories like longer-duration debt, thematic & sectoral equity, commodity and international funds. An astute investor who understands the risk may still desire to invest in such funds, and as mentioned earlier, all such funds are available on the fundzbazar platform.