MF AMC Reviews & Ratings

Mutual Fund selections at IME Capital are driven by our 3 stage fund-selection criteria, as detailed in our blog post – IME Mutual Fund Selection Methodology. The first factor that we consider is our rating of the AMC, which focuses on the relative scale of the AMC, it’s pedigree & ownership and their relative strengths & weakness in specific categories. This blog post provides some further details into the various AMC’s that we recommend (and the AMC’s that we do not), the categories we focus on in specific AMC’s and the buckets we broadly break these AMC’s into. 

The Top 3 (4 lakh+ cr AUM)


Scale players (2-4 lakh cr AUM)

AMCs: Aditya Birla, Kotak, Nippon, Axis, UTI

Mid-sized players (50,000 -2 lakh cr AUM)

AMCs: Bandhan (earlier IDFC), DSP, Mirae, Tata, HSBC (earlier L&T), Franklin, Edelweiss

Small AMC's (below 50,000 cr AUM)

AMCs: Canara Robeco, Invesco, Sundaram, Motilal, PPFAS, BNP, PGIM, LIC, HSBC and others